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AUSIB delegation facilitates first-of-its-kind medical education collaboration between Dr. Rahul M. Jindal and KIMS

Following up on his visit and subsequent Memorandum of Understanding with the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University (KIMS), Karad, India, in February 2013 as part of the high-level education delegation organized by AUSIB, Dr. Rahul Jindal has initiated a long-term collaboration with KIMS. Dr Rahul M. Jindal is MD, PhD, MBA, Professor of Surgery and Global Health, Uniformed Services University and George Washington University, Washington, DC. Dr Jindal spent 3 days giving lectures on medical topics and discussing the needs of KIMS.

The long-term collaboration with KIMS entails the following:

1. Dr Rahul M. Jindal has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Surgery at KIMS.

2. Dr Jindal and his colleagues would administer lectures via tele-medicine on evidenced-based medicine to residents in training in various branches of medicine.

3. He has started mentoring selected surgical residents in the art and science of writing publications in peer reviewed publications.

4. Dr Radha Maheshwari, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Uniformed Services University, Betheda, Maryland, will be also visit KIMS in the January, 2014. Dr Maheshwari, a colleague of Dr Jindal is planning a detailed academic program in basic sciences and in grant writing.

5. Dr Rahul M. Jindal is already assisting the Department of Urology in developing protocols for selection and management of kidney transplant patients.

6. Dr Rahul M. Jindal will lead a team of transplant professionals to KIMS early next year to do their first few kidney transplant operations.

AUSIB efforts in forging educational partnerships through its delegation ensure that students in both countries benefit from the educational expertise in both countries. The partnership between KIMS and Dr. Rahul M. Jindal will lead to:

1. Joint publications on academic topics for submission to high impact peer reviewed publications.
2. Development of tele-medicine program in KIMS.
3. Creation of student and resident exchange programs between US and KIMS.
4. Facilitating peer review of academic output from KIMS residents and students.
5. Arranging symposiums and conferences in KIMS.

Continuing its educational work under the auspices of AUSIB Edunext, AUSIB is scheduled to lead a high-profile medical delegation to India from the US. KIMS would be one of the hosts for this delegation in early 2014.

About Dr. Rahul M. Jindal  
Dr Rahul Jindal
Dr Rahul M. Jindal was recently the International Leadership Foundation honoree for his pioneering work in developing countries. Dr. Jindal set up the first comprehensive kidney dialysis and kidney transplant program in Guyana and successfully performed the first living kidney transplant there. He leads a team of professionals 4 times a year and has completed 17 such missions. His work was reported as a cover story in the Bulletin of the American Journal of Surgeons. Dr. Jindal is working towards replicating this program in Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Jindal has also played a crucial role on a groundbreaking surgery in 2009, performing the first ever pancreas islet cell transplant for trauma. Recently, he was given the additional title of "Professor in Global Health" at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, USA.

Dr. Jindal has written over 150 manuscripts in peer-reviewed medical journals which have been cited in text books and other specialist journals, changing the practice of transplantation in some areas. Based on his experience in working with psycho-social issues with kidney patients, Dr. Jindal coauthored a book now used as a standard textbook in programs around the world, raising awareness about psychological issues regarding kidney patients. Dr Jindal is also the recipient of National Institute of Health grants.

He is the Vice-Chair of the "International Partnership for Global Health" and the Naval Research Institute, and Co-Chair of SEVAK and the US-India Political Action Committee. Dr. Jindal is also Director of the National Blood and Bone Marrow Drive Campaign.

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