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About Us

Welcome to AUSIB- Alliance for U.S. India Business! 

We are a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to reshaping the business connections landscape between United States and India. At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast commitment towards fostering innovation, collaboration, and economic development, with a particular focus on the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AUSIB envisions a world where barriers between US and Indian business ecosystems dissolve, giving rise to a global hub of innovation in AI. Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem where startups discover opportunities, corporations forge strategic collaborations, and communities unite for the greater good.

Through our initiatives, we aspire to significantly contribute to the economic development of both these dynamic nations, leaving behind a rich legacy of excellence in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

As a guiding force in shaping conversations around the responsible use of AI technologies, AUSIB places a great emphasis on responsible AI governance. We strongly advocate ethical practices while also pushing the boundaries of innovation and being a guiding force in shaping conversations around the responsible use of AI technologies. Our initiatives extend beyond just fostering connections. In fact, they serve as a testament to our dedication towards building a sustainable and inclusive future in the realm of AI.

As part of our commitment to knowledge dissemination and collaboration around AI, we launched Podtank, an untraditional podcast where we bringing seasoned professionals—advisors, investors, mentors, and clients—into candid discussions with startup founders and institutional leaders. Each episode aims for definitive conclusions that add values to its listeners.

AUSIB’s PODTANK, is a distinctive segment that transforms traditional podcasting by bringing seasoned professionals- advisors, investors, mentors, and clients- into candid discussions with startup founders and institutional leaders. Hosted by AUSIB Podcast hosts, each episode aims for definitive conclusions that mutually benefit both parties.

Through collaborative strategies unveiled in our Podcast series and other initiatives, we invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Explore exclusive insights from industry leaders, connect with a diverse community of professionals, and learn from the success stories of startups and corporations at the forefront of innovation.

At AUSIB, we believe in the power of collective vision, collaborative innovation, and responsible leadership, shaping a future where AI collaborations transcend borders, creating a legacy of excellence.

Welcome to AUSIB – where business connections evolve, innovation thrives, and the future of US-India collaborations is being redefined.

Key Milestones

Some of the Previous Delegations Led by AUSIB include:

Many more such delegations have been organised and led by AUSIB. Every delegation had a focused agenda and viable outcomes.