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AUSIB’s PodtankPodtank is an untraditional podcast series designed in a unique way wherein guests from India and US speaks about their challenges while the counterparts try discuss on possible solutions.Learn More

Podtank – Pitch to Partnership

Podtank, the flagship podcast series of AUSIB, offers a unique platform for profound conversations, expert insights, and industry trends in business, innovation, and AI. This distinctive segment revolutionizes traditional podcasting by facilitating candid discussions between seasoned professionals – advisors, investors, mentors, and clients – and startup founders and institutional leaders. 

Hosted by technology veteran Sanjay Puri, each episode of PODTANK aims for definitive conclusions that mutually benefit both parties.  

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Why listen to Podtank?

Breaking down barriers and opening doors to unique opportunities for tech businesses

Showcase your venture to potential investors, clients, and mentors matched specifically to you

Engage with high-potential ventures curated to ensure they meet our rigorous criteria

Dive into the exclusive world of entrepreneurship, investments, and mentoring like never before

Episode 6

Effective Wireframing

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Episode 5

er Hour, Per Day or Per Project?

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Episode 4

Keep Track Of Time

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AI-driven platform- Finding the right fit

Experience the power of our AI-driven process as it unlocks new growth opportunities and fosters meaningful connections. We match the perfect blend of entrepreneurs and start-ups with investors and mentors who share their vision and passion.

Through our innovative approach, Podtank journeys become dynamic and fruitful. Entrepreneurs gain access to invaluable resources and guidance, while investors and mentors uncover thrilling new ventures that align seamlessly with their portfolio and expertise. It’s a thrilling win-win scenario!

Tune in to Podtank, where seasoned professionals engage in candid discussions with startup founders, unveiling insights and strategies for success in the realms of business, innovation, and AI.

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